Ralph Faulkner


Ralph Faulkner is the Founder & CEO of Col Bleu Vodka.  He has blue-collar running through his veins, and was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio.  Ralph played sports throughout his entire life which instilled values that are priceless!  He used this platform as a vessel to develop discipline, leadership skills, and a winning attitude.  Ralph has been able to develop the CBV brand that was inspired  not only by his life, but many others before him and the challenges that we are often confronted by in today’s society.  He is a visionary who continuously makes sacrifices for the greater good, and also a firm believer in pushing his team members to the limit and unlocking hidden potentials that lie dormant.  

Aswan Harris


Aswan brings years of business and military experience to his latest role of “COO”. A former Marine Sergeant (E5) and current professional actor, Aswan double majored in theatre arts and business management at Cuyahoga Community College and understands the value of storytelling and how it relates to building a brand. He executes his unique vision of diversity and inclusion through his sales and marketing acumen.

Aswan has been a top sales performer in various industries such as: life insurance, and automobiles. Mr. Harris spent over a decade as a brand ambassador for some of the biggest names in the wine & spirit industry such as: Meomi, Robert Mondavi, Stolichnaya, Macallan, and Remy Martin.

As Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Harris has overseen the expansion of the Col Bleu brand from its initial inception to the future behemoth it’s destined to be. Aswan continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible for Col Bleu Vodka. The future is bright, and Col Bleu.

Shon Burks


Shon Burks is a strong design professional and entrepreneur with over 17 years of experience in the design field with multiple design awards, including Addy and IABC awards. He’s skilled in many facets of design including; print design, logo & visual branding, web design, package design, illustration advertising, the Adobe Creative Suite and woodworking. 
Shon has been into the arts since the tender age of 3. As a youth, he excelled in art classes and attended classes at the Cleveland Museum of Art and the Cleveland Institute of Art. He later continued his art education at the Cleveland Institute of Art and Kent State University.  
Upon completing his Bachelor of Arts in Advertising at Kent State University, he was hired on as a full-time designer for the university. He has also worked as a package designer for Photoco, a graphic designer for Hotcards.com.

Dexter Hammett


Dexter Hammett is an American businessman, professional actor, and model. He climbed through the ranks of Corporate America at an early age and eventually transitioned to the sliver-screen. Hammett is a student of film writing and producing theatrical plays. He also starred in the motion picture Shawshank Redemption.
Hammett’s versatility has awarded him success as an Entrepreneur, as well as his current role as an Insurance Executive at Taylor-Oswald.
Hammett is also committed to keynote speaking and bringing awareness to Organ Donation from personal experience. 
He firmly believes in the value and power of networking, and is now Brand Ambassador of Cleveland, OH at Col Bleu Vodka.

Al Aponte’


Al Aponte’ is an energetic Brand Ambassador with the ability to engage large crowds and allow a product to stand out an any situation.  Born and raised in New York City, Aponte’ was influenced by some of hip-hops greats such as DJ Smalls.  Aponte’ worked for the CIROC campaign gaining experience in Branding and Marketing.
He served as an offshoot of the marketing team and also had dual roles as trouble shooter and marketer. Aponte’ is a student of the alcohol industry and relates to the blue-collar experience.
With the will to succeed and a growing industry at his heels, Aponte’ is now the Brand Ambassador of NYC at
Col Bleu Vodka.
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