When we are pushed to the limit’s we sometimes tend to not see what lies ahead, but what lies beneath. In our quest for greatness we often quarrel within not understanding our purpose and what we are destined to become. As emotions run high and frustrations run ramped, there is an energy that flows ceaseless every sixty seconds from our hearts, to our veins, and throughout our bodies. It is what gives us our very own existence and gives us a peak of optimism! As we continue to work harder at this thing called LIFE and the days get longer, there is a positive light source at the end of the tunnel that resonates throughout the inner workings of our DNA. Our DNA is the eternal blueprint and the frame work that has been scientifically constructed most are not consciously aware of. It does not determine what you are, but who you are! When we inhale all of the positive and exhale all of the negative, a peace comes from within. Even though we cannot change the basic foundation, we can change the outcome! When we combine drudgery, hope, and idealism, we can apply these unanticipated calculations and something Intriguing erupts inward. It produces beauty, an essence, a masterpiece, it produces Col Bleu!


Saturday April 27, 2019

Unveiling of Col Bleu Vodka (Newly Designed Bottle)

Sunday April 28, 2019

Yacht Celebration | CBV Tasting | Miami, FL

Monday April 29, 2019

Bartender Magazine | CBV Tasting | Vero Beach, FL

Monday May 13, 2019 & Tuesday May 14, 2019

Alcohol Beverage Importers and Distributors Conference (ABID) | New York, NY

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